Sea Island Resort - Sea Island, Georgia
Founded in 1957, the Society of Two Hundred Gentlemen Senior Golfers has sought to fulfill the vision of its founder, Romeyn B. Scribner for almost 50 years. Mr. Scribner and the founding members were concerned that the well-known senior golf groups were getting so large in number that a member, when attending a meeting, would not be with his friends either on or off the golf course. To accomplish the desired comradeship, experience indicated that the limit of membership in a national senior golf society should be 200; thus the 200 Club was formed. Members are gentlemen 50 or more in age who love golf, not only as a game, but also for the camaraderie and companionship it affords. Members and their wives look forward to the genuine, friendly and congenial atmosphere of the Club meetings.
The next Meeting of The 200 Club will take place January 29 - February 3, 2017 at the La Quinta Resort in La Quinta, CA.

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