The 200 Club was founded in 1957 as The Society of Two Hundred Gentleman Senior Golfers by Romeyn Scribner, known as Scribby. He and the founding members were concerned that the well-known senior golf groups were getting so large that a member, when attending a meeting, rarely would be able to be with his friends either on or off the golf course. To accomplish such desired camaraderie, experience indicated that the limit of membership in a national senior golf society should be 200; thus the 200 Club was formed.

The purposes of the Club are to promote a friendly atmosphere in which to play golf, to provide the opportunity to play with friends at attractive venues, and to advance the best interests of golf.  Members are gentlemen 50 or more in age who love golf not only as a game, but for the camaraderie, friendship and companionship it affords. Members and their wives look forward to the genuine, friendly and congenial atmosphere of the Club meetings.


There are four tournaments or meetings each year. While there is no requirement to attend, most members try to attend at least one meeting each year. Participation ranges from thirty five to fifty couples at each tournament and golf games are arranged for both men and ladies. Choice resorts with excellent golf facilities are arranged several years in advance with special packages that are generally much more favorable than individuals could obtain. The 200 Club is a nonprofit organization which attempts to only cover expenses.

Each event is organized by a volunteer member who serves as tournament chairman along with a golf chairman. They are assisted by our executive director, Kevin Patterson and his partner, Alex Duhamel. They set up the details of each meeting, arranging for golf as well as the selections for rooms, dinners and entertainment. It is usually organized on a five night / four day basis with golf on days one and two. The third day is a free day during which one can go on a Club arranged tour, enjoy local amenities, play golf or relax, with the fourth day being the final day of golf. Bridge and other special offerings are available at each tournament for wives who are not golfers.


Golf pairings are organized by the Club for both men and ladies in order to mix everyone together. The first day’s pairings include guests with their sponsors. The pairings on the other days are designed to enable members to meet the guests and play with other members.  Emphasis on the second day of golf is in mixed handicap pairings, while the final day is paired more by peer handicap. Games are on a team basis by foursome, gross and net, with individual medal play on the last day as well. Officers and Directors are paired each day with different guests.

Social Events

Each evening there is a cocktail party where the results of the day’s games are announced and people have the opportunity to visit with friends and guests. Dinner seat assignments are by men’s foursomes as well as on a draw basis. Members generally wear their Club Crest and their tie tack /lapel pin on their jackets. The last evening is our closing dinner where special toasts are made, name badges returned and prizes awarded.  Prizes are awarded to the winners as well as everyone else. It is the tradition that everyone wins the same prize.

All members and guests are expected to participate fully with the golf, dinners and events at all tournaments. There are no private cocktail parties or other separate outside gatherings. If health or other emergencies arise, the tournament chairman and Kevin Patterson, Executive Director, should be notified immediately so that golf and dinner pairings can be appropriately managed.


Members are encouraged to bring golfing friends for introduction to The Club. Guests are most important to the vitality of the Club. Once a member and his guest have selected a specific tournament they want to attend together, the member needs to complete a guest form which is available at the Club office or on the Club website www.200gg.org.  The completed form should be sent to the Club office for approval by the Captain. Then an invitation will be sent to the guest. For each tournament, reservations are taken on a first come basis once the announcement has been sent out. While there are a number of places reserved for guests at each tournament, the Captain will have final discretion when reservations are limited or oversubscribed. Guests must have a bonafide handicap.

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Club is held each year at the May tournament. The annual Club golf championship is held at this event along with the other daily team games. It is a three day medal play event. Additionally, the Captain and other Officers are elected as well as the Board of Directors for the coming year.

Traditions of The 200 Club

The goal of The 200 Club is to be the hallmark of senior golfing organizations. The Club has established policies and traditions to ensure that it continues to be the outstanding and enjoyable club that it is today. Each member is encouraged to read the bylaws and club policies which are included in the “blue” roster book and are the cornerstone of the Club’s success and governance.